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Clinic Services

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Sleep Lab

Sleep studies are used to determine sleep disorders including obstructive or central sleep apnea. We offer home sleep studies or in office overnight sleep studies depending on your doctor’s orders.


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PAP Clinic

Our sleep technicians help you understand your PAP (CPAP, BIPAP, ASV) machine, learn cleaning & replacement schedules for parts, mask fitting for an optimal fit, & troubleshoot issues with your tolerance of your PAP machine

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Nocturnal Oximetry Testing

record your oxygen at home while you sleep to determine if you need to add oxygen at night, a change to your current nighttime settings, or further testing.

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Pulmonary Function Testing

breathing tests done in our office to see how well you move air into & out of your lungs and how well the oxygen is entering your bloodstream.

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Lung Nodule Clinic

if a nodule or spot is noted on a chest xray or CAT scan, we help determine the need for a biopsy or follow-up imaging, discuss chances of cancer, and give alternative diagnoses.

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we offer COVID vaccines including Pfizer & Moderna (as well as boosters). We also have influenza, pneumonia (Pneumovax, Prevnar 13 and Prevnar 20), and shingles vaccines.

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Outpatient Pulmonary Care

our providers care for patients with asthma, COPD, lung fibrosis, sleep apnea, & lung nodules, amongst others. We offer diagnosis as well as long term care of these diseases. We also help diagnose the reason for your cough, shortness-of-breath, sleepiness, etc.

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Pulmonary & Intensive Care at Littleton Adventist Hospital

our providers offer exceptional care of critically ill patients and patients with breathing issues on the general floors. LAH has been recognized in 2021 as a 5 star recipient by HealthGrades for treatment of strokes, sepsis, pneumonia, respiratory failure, & diabetic emergencies.

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Encompass Rehabilitation Center

our providers help patients regain independence after a

life-changing illness or injury including strokes, car accidents, surgeries, etc. at this acute rehab facility located near Littleton Adventist Hospital & our office.

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Transitional Care Management

 provide short-term, outpatient follow-up clinic visits for patients hospitalized with pulmonary issues to reduce readmissions.

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Chronic Care Management

intermittent nurse calls with patients with significant pulmonary disease & other comorbid conditions to provide education & reduce acute issues/hospitalizations

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